Toxic Love, What Thou Art Done To an Innocent Dog?


Love is supposed to be the most wonderful thing anybody can give and have. Love coming from a loving creature, be it human or not is the most wonderful experience. But, when love has gone way somewhere over the edge, it can unfortunately lead to an evil doing and a powerless and weak loving soul could be a helpless victim.

Last Sept 13, 2014 in Palo Cedro, a man allegedly was charged with animal cruelty and other grave charges when he fed his ex-girlfriend dinner meal with a meat of her missing Pomeranian dog named ‘Bear.’ The dog has been missing since early August according to the man’s ex-girlfriend. The couple has gone through some break and some issues of domestic violence has taken place during the relationship. But when September comes, the couple reconciled and as a truce offering, the guy sent a cooked meal to the girl followed by a couple of texts asking the girl, ‘How’s the taste of her pet which he texted as the meat in the meal he sent.  The guy allegedly also dropped a small bag with the dog paws inside it.

What an insane way to get a way and even with someone who has done some not so nice thing about someone while you are on a relationship? And what’s the helpless and poor dog got to do to make the poor creature be butchered and killed in the cruellest way? This tragic crime have sent mllions of animal lovers in rage and hatred and compassion to the poor dog who have suffered torture and death into the hands of a criminal to the helpless ones.

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