Man Published a Satirical Magazine on How Awful Dogs Are


In Germany where dogs are adored by millions of its citizen, there is a certain person whose passionate hatred about dogs corroborated with a few friend journalists who aimed to come up with a magazine about dogs’ undesirable traits and characteristics. Wuf Beleites, a 67 years old wiry chain smoker satirical writer was five when he had a nasty experience with a dog. He was nipped by his grandfather’s Spitz that sparked his dislike and anger to the canine animal breed ever since.  It was in 1992, when he requested a friend if he could fill up a blank trademark space in the newsletter his friend will publish for others to purchase. Beleites thought of the German phrase “Kot & Köter” which when translated would mean: “Poop & Pooches.” The unusual name caught the attention of a reporter for which an article was created out of it. Some local TV picked up the story making Beleites an instant celebrity as he outspokenly talked about his dislike about how awful dogs are, how they smell, shed, bark and bite. Show participants would often booed him for his opinions as he was paid for guesting stints to most of the shows. Beleites said the TV shows were just casting agents just looking for some good guy to pit by a bad guy. And after six years of pretending on shows, he got bored and vanished. Only to be back in July 2013 during the time where freelance journalism in Germany dwindled financially.  Along with some friends they successfully have crowdfunded the real publishing of Kot & Köter magazine raising around  €7,000 (about $9,060) from an online crowd funding site. The first paper copies of 1,000 was sold out and re printed another 1,750 copies more.

Beleites have been the subject and target of hate mails, angry phone calls and tongue lashings from dog lovers and supporters. But there is a funny thing about him that his wife Heidi had said about him: “The dogs always go to him,” she noticed as he sat on a chair in an outdoor restaurant, within minutes a large salivating dog came close near him.


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