Why the Need for an All Natural Food Diet For Dogs?


Natural dog food diet or sometimes called raw or barf diet is the all-natural food diet for dogs that will not only boost your pets health but are more practical budget wise and environmentally. The digestive system of our pet dogs and cats are basically unlike us humans who are used in cooking all our food. Our pets’ natural system of digestion basically are meant for raw food, not cooked and processed ones. This is generally what is meant by raw food.  Their direct descendants, the grey wolves are hunters and carnivores who feasted on raw meat, plants and fruits. Since the invention of fire by pre historic humans, cooked food was introduced to the human diet as well as to the food prepared for their domesticated pets.

But natural is not necessarily organic and safe. Many has misconceptions about natural and organic and some even used them interchangeably. Natural food are food that solely came or produced from a plant, animal or mined sources. Whereas, organic food are food that are grown and raised without the use of pesticides, chemicals and other synthetic ingredients.

Just the same, feeding our pets with an all-natural or regular diet should be taken seriously for the food they will eat will generally affect their health and wellbeing. Below are some food items that are to be taken or fed to our pets in moderation and with caution:

Sugar. These does not only mean the sugar in our table but generally food that convert into simple sugar in the bloodstream like sugar beets, molasses, grains and dairy produce.  Like in humans, too much sugar can lead to some serious health issues like diabetes.

Alcohol. The effects of alcohol to the human body as well as with the dogs are the same. It can therefore lead to damages of the liver, heart, brain and other vital parts.

Onions and Garlic. In all forms be it cooked, raw, powdered or dried can cause anemia.

Caffeine. All caffeined food like, coffee, tea and other caffeine based beverages can cause restlessness, rapid breathing and heart palpitations that could be fatal. No antidote was known to cure for dogs once ingested.

Grapes and raisins. These bunches are risky and can cause kidney failure to dogs.

Macadamia Nuts. The nut can cause paralysis of the dog’s hindquarters and is poisonous to dogs.

Gluten. Avoiding yeast and grains like whole wheat and corn can reduce skin irritations and allergies. Carbohydrates from grains are not needed since dogs get much of their energy from fats and protein.

Chemicals and additives. On reading with food labels, if you are not familiar or if ingredients cannot be read or pronounced never compromise buying it for your dog. Although it is always wise to research about it or consult your Vet before giving it to your pets. Go for natural preservatives like vitamin C, E or rosemary extract, and lime for they are known antioxidants.

Fats and Oils. Although these are food enhancers to the dog as well as helping the body in absorbing fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, fats and oils help maintain your dog’s quality healthy and shiny coats.  But not all fats and oils are advantageous to your dog’s health. A balance of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are of best benefit. Omega 3 fats from fish oils, flaxseed and canola seeds. Omega 6 fats from pork, chicken, safflower and sunflower oils.

Avocado, Persimon, Peach and Plum. The substance called Persin found in the avocado fruit can be toxic in large amount to dogs.  The seeds can cause obstruction on the dog’s small intestinal canal. These fruits also contain dose of cyanide that can be tolerable in relation to a human body weight but lethal to animals like dogs and cats.

Raw Eggs. Regular and long-time feeding of raw egg can skin problem and to your dog’s coat.

Xylitol. A sweetening ingredient found in candies and gums. Can cause blood sugar to drop and eventually causes liver failure.

Theobromine. This substance in most kinds of chocolates including baking chocolate can cause abnormal heart beating, seizure and death.

Some caregivers prefer the all-natural diet for dogs due to their overall performance in the dog’s general health, strong immunity and combat against illness and diseases. But whether you are feeding and preparing natural or special diets for your pets, it is best to be always on the lookout for safety especially when buying by carefully looking and reading at the labels as well as choosing the freshest and the healthiest food available for them.


All Natural Healthy Dog Treats???

300x250 (1)

MILKOTEIN is a yummy long lasting all-natural dog treat with the highest level of protein that are great for growing bodies of your pets to keep them lean and fit. MILKOTEIN Dog Chews & Wonder Bites are made and distributed by PARASPETS LLC.


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