Dog Portraiture: Capturing a Timeless Moment with your Celebrity Pooch

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Who ever said dogs don’t have a personality must have missed how candid these adorable babies can be when the camera starts clicking capturing their expressions and images despite the annoying bright lights of the studio and camera flashes.

Dog portraits? Why not?

Your lovable pet can be immortalized in a dog art or portraits done especially for him.  Capturing your dog’s moments in dog drawings done by a versatile portraiture artist is equally mesmerizing as the one’s captured on photography.  Pets, especially dogs can be so adorable in their own portraits. Pet photography can be done in fun and enjoyable ways.  Pets can have that candid shots with a little effort from pet owners, photographers and artists.  The portrait images of your lovable dog be it in photograph, film or drawings will immortalize those moments you’ve shared together.  Capturing your dog’s moments are worth for keeps.

Since they are quite different from human photography.  It may be a bit surprising and sometimes difficult to handle or take a perfect shot.  Thus, making some few techniques and adjustments to capture that one single moment to make them immortal is highly needed.  However, you need a few preparations before the shoot or drawing session.  Here are a few tips on how to get the best photo shoot or drawing session for your adorable pets:

  • Choose a dog photographer or artist who has the most experience. Search and find out someone who has the expertise to photograph or draw your dog.
  • Treat your dog during the session. You must be ready for some tantrums since posing may take some time which could trigger their attitude.
  • The photographer must know the right angle and poses appropriate for your dog. A visit to the studio to view some of his works can give you ideas on what poses or captures you wanted to make during the actual photo shoot or drawing session.
  • Practice the pose at least before going to the studio. Tricks like giving him treats to get a desired pose could be helpful.
  • Groom your dog. Grooming him before the photo shoot or drawing session could give your dog an added factor to get that desired pose or angle.
  • Dressing up and gadgetry. Dogs are adorable if they are dressed up or wear some accessories or gadgets during the photography or drawing session. It will make a unique capture creating an expression only for your dog.
  • The funnier, the better. Remembering your dogs in their happiest is what should be the prime capture.  Caught them in their most candid pose.
  • Bring along your dog’s favorite toys and things. This will help in stabilizing an angle or pose.  Pamper your dogs during the session.  Treating him with his favorite biscuit or toy can help in capturing a candid shot or angle.
  • Your participation during the session is highly needed. You can help in tickling or perking your dog to come to an angle.  Your dogs enjoys your company and therefore the best candid scenes can be captured with you around or better with you joining in the photograph or drawing.
  • Choose a nice portrait frame or canvass to mount dog drawings or photographs.

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Capturing a dog art, be it in photographs or dog drawings is a once in a lifetime experience.  Dogs portraits lovingly hung among family portraits are one touching example of how dogs and other pets play an important role in a family.  The moment might not be repeated again thus every dog owner should seize the opportunity to make the session the most memorable one.  For the image that will be captured will be immortally hold in the dog owner’s cherished memories.

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