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More Highlights from the 2014 National Dog Show

Nathan, 2014 Best Dog Show Performance National Dog Show [photo grab from

Nathan, a 4-year old bloodhound wows everyone with his performance and bagged this year’s Best in Show at the 2014 National Dog Show, Thursday, November 27, Thanksgiving Day. The handsome bloodhound was owned by Heather Helmer.  Nathan is Helmer’s apple of her eye bragging that Nathan is so darn friendly and playful, he kisses everyone he meets. She said, Nathan make her smile every day.  Along with Freda, the French bulldog and Bogey the Samoyed, judges had difficulty on picking which is the best pooch. But Nathan is really a stand out. Nathan is extremely adorable and well trained by his owner, Heather. In the event, he first topped his Bloodhound Gang breed before going to the top prize. His breed is surely so proud of their comrade Nathan.  The dog has been competing since he was six months old and the 2014 National Dog Show performance has been his biggest so far.

The competition was able to catalogued 1,612 dog pedigrees from 175 breeds and varieties presented. Two breeds were introduced as new competitors:  the Coton de Tulear and the Wirehaired Vizsla lapdog. Other highlights below:

\national dog show4-bogey

Bogey, a Samoyed grabs the top in the working class.

national dog show5-freda

Freda, the French bulldog won in the non-sporting group

Bearded Collie

Zack, a bearded collie beat out in the herding category.

national dog show7-coton national dog show6-vizsla

The Coton de Tulear  and the Wirehaired Vizsla lapdog breeds had its first introduction in the competition.

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Dog Portraiture: Capturing a Timeless Moment with your Celebrity Pooch

[photo grab from]

Who ever said dogs don’t have a personality must have missed how candid these adorable babies can be when the camera starts clicking capturing their expressions and images despite the annoying bright lights of the studio and camera flashes.

Dog portraits? Why not?

Your lovable pet can be immortalized in a dog art or portraits done especially for him.  Capturing your dog’s moments in dog drawings done by a versatile portraiture artist is equally mesmerizing as the one’s captured on photography.  Pets, especially dogs can be so adorable in their own portraits. Pet photography can be done in fun and enjoyable ways.  Pets can have that candid shots with a little effort from pet owners, photographers and artists.  The portrait images of your lovable dog be it in photograph, film or drawings will immortalize those moments you’ve shared together.  Capturing your dog’s moments are worth for keeps.

Since they are quite different from human photography.  It may be a bit surprising and sometimes difficult to handle or take a perfect shot.  Thus, making some few techniques and adjustments to capture that one single moment to make them immortal is highly needed.  However, you need a few preparations before the shoot or drawing session.  Here are a few tips on how to get the best photo shoot or drawing session for your adorable pets:

  • Choose a dog photographer or artist who has the most experience. Search and find out someone who has the expertise to photograph or draw your dog.
  • Treat your dog during the session. You must be ready for some tantrums since posing may take some time which could trigger their attitude.
  • The photographer must know the right angle and poses appropriate for your dog. A visit to the studio to view some of his works can give you ideas on what poses or captures you wanted to make during the actual photo shoot or drawing session.
  • Practice the pose at least before going to the studio. Tricks like giving him treats to get a desired pose could be helpful.
  • Groom your dog. Grooming him before the photo shoot or drawing session could give your dog an added factor to get that desired pose or angle.
  • Dressing up and gadgetry. Dogs are adorable if they are dressed up or wear some accessories or gadgets during the photography or drawing session. It will make a unique capture creating an expression only for your dog.
  • The funnier, the better. Remembering your dogs in their happiest is what should be the prime capture.  Caught them in their most candid pose.
  • Bring along your dog’s favorite toys and things. This will help in stabilizing an angle or pose.  Pamper your dogs during the session.  Treating him with his favorite biscuit or toy can help in capturing a candid shot or angle.
  • Your participation during the session is highly needed. You can help in tickling or perking your dog to come to an angle.  Your dogs enjoys your company and therefore the best candid scenes can be captured with you around or better with you joining in the photograph or drawing.
  • Choose a nice portrait frame or canvass to mount dog drawings or photographs.

[photo grab from]

Capturing a dog art, be it in photographs or dog drawings is a once in a lifetime experience.  Dogs portraits lovingly hung among family portraits are one touching example of how dogs and other pets play an important role in a family.  The moment might not be repeated again thus every dog owner should seize the opportunity to make the session the most memorable one.  For the image that will be captured will be immortally hold in the dog owner’s cherished memories.

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White House K-9 Officers: The President’s First Line of Defense

Secret Service officers in the White House. Image courtesy of Metropets.

The US Secret Service has been tasked with the vital duty of protecting the US President, his immediate family and the White House.

But, lately, we’ve been reading news about the White House perimeters being pursued and infiltrated by curious and militant fence jumpers in an attempt to have a closer distance with one of the most secured facilities in the world, the White House.  In order to augment the line of defence in the White House, another important unit of the police security force were being utilized to handle a very vital duty in the aspect of safeguarding the premises of this highly secured place.  Get to know more about these dedicated officers that aim to ultimately protect the life of the US President, his family, his official office and residence.

K-9 officer detail of the President.

The US Secret Service were tasked to look after the safety of the United States President and the first family. Included in the department’s roster of the White House tough security detail were not just valiant men from the department but K-9 officers trained to subdue intruders. Below are some of the qualities of these chosen security detail for the President of the United States, his immediate family and the White House.

White House K-9 officers Hurricane and Jordan. Image courtesy of Abcnews

Mission and duties.

These bomb sniffing White House police K-9 officers which numbers around 75 dogs have undergone 20 weeks of training each in a 500-acre Secret Service facility in Laurel, Maryland. Their prime mission was to provide skilled and specialized explosives detection support on the protective efforts carried out by the men and women of the White House assigned US Secret Service protectees.

Breeds and specifics.

Since its establishment in 1977, the US Secret Service K-9 unit’s choice of breed does not point out to a single or specific breed but these canines are chosen based on their capabilities and sustainability to handle the tough job. Among those regularly chosen were full grown young adult Belgian Malinois, Dutch and German Shepherds. Puppies and rescued dogs are not accepted in the unit. The US Secret Service K-9 unit are obtained through an undisclosed professional breeding program outside of the US. The K-9 secret service unit of the President was fully funded by the federal government.

Public safety precaution.

As these canines are highly trained and focused on their assigned duties, the public are given instructions and awareness not to approach or obstruct them at all times. These canines are dedicated on their roles and missions and never should be distracted or patted in any part of their body at any time even if one is a well-intended animal and dog lover. They simply are not accustomed to such and are just simply doing their vital duty and job.



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Hero Dogs: Are they born or trained?

Every now and then we hear and read about stories of dogs’ bravery and other heroic feats. History reveals a long list of hero dogs that not only inspired us but also warmed our hearts and spirits.  Who could forget the bravery and sacrifices made by a Soviet street dog named ‘Laika,’ the first space dog who led humanity in its quest for space exploration?

There’s Hatchiko, the loyal dog in Japan who patiently waits for his master’s return for 9 years only to find out in the end the master he’s been waiting for was long gone and dead.  Day in and out, Hatchiko waited without fail at the Shibuya Train Station for his master who will never return back without him knowing about it.

Then there is the story of Wanghya in India.  A dog by the Shivaji Maharaja that during the cremation of his master’s dead body, jumped into the burning flames and joined his master for eternity. A memorial in his honor stands at Raigad Fort in India.

Recently, in the Philippines you’ve heard about the heroic story of the dog named ‘Kabang’ who sacrificed being hit by a motorcycle just to be able to save the kids of his master from being hit by it. Kabang suffered major face deformities, losing half of his face due to the vehicular accident. Yet, he lives to endure everything.

Many of our dogs’ heroic feats have been featured and immortalized in various films and history books.  Just recently we’ve read and seen the survival and every day battle for life of Oakley, a Labrador pup born in 2013 without an anus. A life long ordeal she need to battle from the moment she was born.

Our dogs are smart and capable like us humans to endure life’s challenges and ordeals. We normally see them just wagging their tails and barking at us. But in reality they are actually telling us and expressing things of endearment to us. We just normally take them as their regular dog traits.

Dogs are born valiant warriors. Dogs look up on us as their masters and leaders. Teach them tricks and train them to do things to protect us, they would certainly be obliged to do it wholeheartedly.

Dogs are born to sustain and survive. Without us knowing about what they are born with be it something born out of their genes or through some faulty works of science, dogs are likely to endure the consequence no matter what. Even if it mean limping all their lives through pain and sufferings.  We may not notice it but those dogs who are groomed by cutting off their tails as a form of grooming certainly are hurting them. Remember that they are really born with tails. And altering their genetic features though ‘painless’ as it may seem would only make them feel or endure as if they are incomplete and feel the difference as they come to face other dogs of their specie.  We really have no idea exactly how they feel inside. But we can somehow sense from the way they live through their lives.

Dogs are born brave and loyal. Even without training them how to act and do courageous tricks. Dogs can show exemplary braveness and loyalty once events and conditions warrant it and as their master, you must be lucky to have them as your companion.

So if you have this notion to train and teach your dogs to be a hero. Go ahead, train them. For they are welcome to such ideas and for sure they will be delighted to in your honor and to show to you how they truly love you. For by nature, dogs are born heroes especially for you.


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Mr Amazing Experienced the Glitz and Glam of Being a Celebrity Pooch

paris-mr-amazing1 paris-mr-amazing2paris-mr-amazing3

[photo grab from the DailyMail]

Mr Amazing, the 4 ½ month old tiny Pomeranian puppy was Paris Hilton’s newest expensive toy dog and has been roaming around Los Angeles with his glitzy doting mum. The snow white pooch was cuddled by his wealthy mom around Beverly Hills Wednesday, Sept. 17. Paris was reportedly bought her new pricey toy dog for a whopping $13,000 from a seller named Joanne Pauze of a Canadian Calgary breeder Betty Pedram of Betty’s Teacup Yorkies who shipped orders from their South Korean based dealer.  The miniature pooch was really quite cute and adorable with its 2 ½ inch back and stands at 1 ½ inch tall. The photo posted last Sept. 5 by the breeder in her Facebook page showed that the pooch was only the size in length of a pair of sunglasses. Mr Amazing would weigh only up to 2 pounds in his full grown age. Mr Amazing now joins Paris’ other pets such as another Pooch named Peter Pan and Princess Piglette, a pig.  Paris was reported to have bought Mr Amazing a new crib and some Champagne chew toys. Paris fell immediately with Mr Amazing and wanted another one soon.  But wanted an extreme one she told Joanne.  Aside from Paris, among other celebrity customers of this Calgary based breeder was Canada’s famous actor, Ryan Gosling.


The former hotel heiress dressed in a comfy floral summer dress with all her priced accessories such as her quilted Chanel shoulder chained bag and her shimmering car as she flashed out a sweet pose smile with her pet while reporters try to capture moments with her new dog.  She was even seen on a video tickling her new pet inside her car while still sitting behind the wheels.

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Yoyo: The Very Large Cat Dog of Selwyn College


Roger Mosey, master at Selwyn College in Cambridge needed to request the College council of to grant his request in keeping his canine companion Yoyo, a rescued basset hound. But the College has banned dogs in the premise decades ago. Morsey, a former editorial director of BBC has become a College Master of Selwyn in October.  The college only allows cats.  The rules maybe odd it may seem but due to Morsey’s persuading request a tongue-in-cheek agreement has set to rule in favor of Morsey to declare the dog as a ‘very large cat.’ Although Selwyn College does not allow dogs as a rule, its greatest master Professor Owen Chadwick have kept dogs during the 50s, 60s and the 70s.


Everyone who sees Mosey with Yoyo in the College would greet and kid him: ‘Hey, I love your big cat.’  Students started calling Yoyo the ‘college dog.’ Yoyo has become a publicity dog for the college and a veterinary course. Morsey on his part had only wished that Yoyo could become part of life at Selwyn College.



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Lauren Bacall Bequeathed $10,000 to Her Dog Named Sophie


[photo grab from The Telegraph UK]

Lauren Bacall wanted to ensure Sophie, her dog continues to enjoy her royalty life even after her death. The dog was part of the last will and estate of the 89-year old golden cinema actress. The money bequeathed to Sophie, her papillon dog was entrusted to Bacall’s 53-year old youngest son, Sam Robards. Bacall was married to the legendary golden cinema actor Humphrey Bogart but later married actor Jason Robards, Jr. Bacall was a known dog lover. Sophie was her constant companion and they were often seen walking together near her Manhattan apartment prior to her death due to stroke. Among those who have inherited from her estate aside from her three children and the dog was her maid for 14 years, Isla Hernandez.

Bacall’s generosity to her dog was notable since Sophie, her dog was her constant companion while she was still living. She made sure, Sophie gets pampered even when she’s gone.

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Lauren was born Betty Joan Perske on September 16, 1924. Known for her sultry looks and notable husky voice, Lauren was the leading lady of famous golden cinema movie actor Humphrey Bogart.  Bacall’s trademark feature ‘The Look’ was a result of a screen tests done for the film ‘To Have And Have Not’ in 1944 for which she pressed her chin against her chest with eyes upward creating that ‘distinctive look.’



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