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More Highlights from the 2014 National Dog Show

Nathan, 2014 Best Dog Show Performance National Dog Show [photo grab from

Nathan, a 4-year old bloodhound wows everyone with his performance and bagged this year’s Best in Show at the 2014 National Dog Show, Thursday, November 27, Thanksgiving Day. The handsome bloodhound was owned by Heather Helmer.  Nathan is Helmer’s apple of her eye bragging that Nathan is so darn friendly and playful, he kisses everyone he meets. She said, Nathan make her smile every day.  Along with Freda, the French bulldog and Bogey the Samoyed, judges had difficulty on picking which is the best pooch. But Nathan is really a stand out. Nathan is extremely adorable and well trained by his owner, Heather. In the event, he first topped his Bloodhound Gang breed before going to the top prize. His breed is surely so proud of their comrade Nathan.  The dog has been competing since he was six months old and the 2014 National Dog Show performance has been his biggest so far.

The competition was able to catalogued 1,612 dog pedigrees from 175 breeds and varieties presented. Two breeds were introduced as new competitors:  the Coton de Tulear and the Wirehaired Vizsla lapdog. Other highlights below:

\national dog show4-bogey

Bogey, a Samoyed grabs the top in the working class.

national dog show5-freda

Freda, the French bulldog won in the non-sporting group

Bearded Collie

Zack, a bearded collie beat out in the herding category.

national dog show7-coton national dog show6-vizsla

The Coton de Tulear  and the Wirehaired Vizsla lapdog breeds had its first introduction in the competition.

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Fox Terrier Sky Rules at the 2014 Philly National Dog Show

national dog show3

[photo grab from nationaldogshow]

Sky, a 4-year old bitch wire fox terrier bags the top prize for second year in a row at the Philadelphia National Dog Show besting 1,500 kennels who participated in the event last Sunday, November 16, 2014. The event took place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Sky was owned by Torie Steele of Malibu, California and Victor Malzoni of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Sky was handled by Gabriel Rangel of Rialto, California during the event. Steele also owned Eira, also a wire fox terrier who won last year’s same event.

national dog show2

[photo grab from zap2it]

A natural dog show, Sky wowed the judges and the audience with her keen expression and natural dense wiry coat. Sky also possess the most amazing head look and a well balanced short body. Her handler let her show herself naturally.

Sky was tops in the terrier breed group and number four on all-breed in the show.

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Help, My Dog Can’t Hear!

A silent disability.

Deafness in dogs can generally be accounted due to genetic defects (congenital) or it can also be acquired due to trauma, accident, disease or old age. It can either be partial or complete hearing loss which could affect a single or both ears of the dog. Although breed is not a factor when it comes to the nature of disability, some breeds according to some veterinary medical articles are common to less pigmented dogs such as dogs with albinism condition or some commonly known white dog breeds like Dalmatians, Boxers, Maltese, toy and miniature poodles, Boston terrier, Australian shepherd, German shepherd, Jack Russell terrier, West Highland White terrier, Dachshunds, Collies and Cocker Spaniel.

Senior dogs are the most prone and likely to endure deafness during their old age. In some cases, deafness on dogs can be accompanied by other conditions such as low vision, partial or absolute blindness. Here are some insights and information why deaf dogs are equally capable as other abled dogs

Dogs are born deaf.

All dogs are effectively deaf when born because only after a few weeks that their ears would open. Through time, they will be able to develop their natural instinct on reacting to movements around them using their keen sense of smell and later on once their ears open, the hearing advantage follows.

Deaf and mute is not the case for dogs.

It is a myth and there is no truth that if a dog is deaf, it doesn’t bark and although there are certain breed of dogs that are sometimes called ‘barkless’ dogs They still bark, yodel or yelp because most dogs bark by their strong sense of instinct and their extra ordinary sense of smell reacting and sensing on movements around them and not necessarily through hearing.  And although they don’t have a complex system of communication like us humans where most of us are equipped with all five senses.  Dogs have a phenomenal sense of smell as much as 100 times better than us humans.

Right training.

Training a deaf puppy might be a little challenge using the right technique but it is not that unusual and impossible. Since deaf dogs have that generally the same phenomenal sense of smell dgets with that of the regular hearing dogs. It will just be a matter of knowing the right training and use of the right deaf dog signs could prove and enhance their ability and adaptability both on dogs born with hearing incapacity and those dogs who lost their sense of hearing over their lifetime. Remember that they only lost hearing of your voice but not their keen sense of seeing, excellent smell, instinct, obedience and adherence to your partnership remains. Aside from training a deaf dog through a professional deaf dog trainer, the treat reward system plays a vital role in training a deaf dog the correct way for enhancing his learning abilities. For nutritious dog treats, MILKOTEIN Wonder Bites will help in the reward system based training for your beloved deaf dogs. With MILKOTEIN’s highest level of protein of an all-natural dog treat. MILKOTEIN is ideal for the growing bodies of your pets to keep them lean and fit.


In today’s modern world, gadgets and accessories that are enhanced with electronics and technological automation comes in handy also for especially handicapped pets like dogs with hearing incapacities. Some of these gadgets include vibration collars, laser pointers, etc. helps in catching their attention. But

Some of these gadgets include vibration collars, laser pointers and others that help in catching their attention. But do not be fooled by the notion that these gadgets will do all the tricks for you. Your constant pet parenting attention and training will still be required as guidance. Your dog’s adaptability to these gadgets still matters most. If it creates disadvantages instead of positive effects, discontinuance and switching to other training ideas can always be an option.

A loud cry for help and LOVE.

Caring and adopting a deaf dog maybe a bit different from those dogs who are able to hear.  But deaf dogs are absolutely and equally capable and able dogs. Through awareness and education and the right training, deaf dogs are capable of giving someone who are on the need for a true life companionship. Remember that they only lost hearing of your voice but not their keen sense of smell, excellent instinct, obedience, loyalty and their unconditional love for you which matters the most. A deaf dog may not be able to hear your voice but it definitely can see you through their loving eyes, smells and sniff your scent of companionship and hears you through their throbbing heart. Can you not hear their loud cry for help? Theirs was a world of silence, a world of empty noise but their affection, loyalty and obedience can be loudly felt with their greatest cry of LOVE. All it takes was just a pat, a hug and a HEART SHAPE hand signal from you!


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Hero Dogs: Are they born or trained?

Every now and then we hear and read about stories of dogs’ bravery and other heroic feats. History reveals a long list of hero dogs that not only inspired us but also warmed our hearts and spirits.  Who could forget the bravery and sacrifices made by a Soviet street dog named ‘Laika,’ the first space dog who led humanity in its quest for space exploration?

There’s Hatchiko, the loyal dog in Japan who patiently waits for his master’s return for 9 years only to find out in the end the master he’s been waiting for was long gone and dead.  Day in and out, Hatchiko waited without fail at the Shibuya Train Station for his master who will never return back without him knowing about it.

Then there is the story of Wanghya in India.  A dog by the Shivaji Maharaja that during the cremation of his master’s dead body, jumped into the burning flames and joined his master for eternity. A memorial in his honor stands at Raigad Fort in India.

Recently, in the Philippines you’ve heard about the heroic story of the dog named ‘Kabang’ who sacrificed being hit by a motorcycle just to be able to save the kids of his master from being hit by it. Kabang suffered major face deformities, losing half of his face due to the vehicular accident. Yet, he lives to endure everything.

Many of our dogs’ heroic feats have been featured and immortalized in various films and history books.  Just recently we’ve read and seen the survival and every day battle for life of Oakley, a Labrador pup born in 2013 without an anus. A life long ordeal she need to battle from the moment she was born.

Our dogs are smart and capable like us humans to endure life’s challenges and ordeals. We normally see them just wagging their tails and barking at us. But in reality they are actually telling us and expressing things of endearment to us. We just normally take them as their regular dog traits.

Dogs are born valiant warriors. Dogs look up on us as their masters and leaders. Teach them tricks and train them to do things to protect us, they would certainly be obliged to do it wholeheartedly.

Dogs are born to sustain and survive. Without us knowing about what they are born with be it something born out of their genes or through some faulty works of science, dogs are likely to endure the consequence no matter what. Even if it mean limping all their lives through pain and sufferings.  We may not notice it but those dogs who are groomed by cutting off their tails as a form of grooming certainly are hurting them. Remember that they are really born with tails. And altering their genetic features though ‘painless’ as it may seem would only make them feel or endure as if they are incomplete and feel the difference as they come to face other dogs of their specie.  We really have no idea exactly how they feel inside. But we can somehow sense from the way they live through their lives.

Dogs are born brave and loyal. Even without training them how to act and do courageous tricks. Dogs can show exemplary braveness and loyalty once events and conditions warrant it and as their master, you must be lucky to have them as your companion.

So if you have this notion to train and teach your dogs to be a hero. Go ahead, train them. For they are welcome to such ideas and for sure they will be delighted to in your honor and to show to you how they truly love you. For by nature, dogs are born heroes especially for you.


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Essentials on Shaving Pets During Summer


The heat is on!

And people are exploring ways to cool and somehow reduce the heat around. Most will head off to the beach to cool down, others would strip off into less clothes and body coverings and enjoyed showing off their skin for a tone. While some enjoy trimming off hair on their heads and go bald and blunt. People will do whatever they wish to do just to get some relief from the burning feeling of the summer heat. And since people are often times accompanied by their pets on getting some summer fun, the thought of shaving their furs and hairs can make them thought it would also be better for their pets to groom for summer and shave off to show some skin too. But hold onto that shavers and scissors tight! There are certain risks that you might just want to know about getting those hair that covers their body off them. Read on and be informed:

Double coats. Dogs and cats normally have double coats of hair and fur. This was their genetic design. These coats help them to cope with varied weather conditions.

Regular grooming. For breeds with natural thick coats, regular grooming could help them cope and regulate varied temperatures.

No close skin shaved. Leaving some allowance of short hair on their body can help them still shield on the attacks of various skin diseases like sunburn, dirt and allergies. Get a professional pet hair groomer to do this task to avoid overly doing the clipping and avoid hurting your pets.

Careful with clippers. They not only have sharp edges but improper use could only lead to some unwanted accidents.

Regular coat brushing. Though many may thought brushing their pets’ coat was a way to groom them, brushing will keep their coats shiny and tangle free. Regular coat brushing is also a healthy way to massage their skin and keep their body and skin healthy and clean avoiding skin diseases brought about by dirty and embedded dust and dirt where bacteria could thrive. Coat brushing also keeps free flowing air easily into their body refreshing and cooling them leisurely.

Regular bathing. The best way to cool our pets during hot summer season was to have a daily regular bath. This will condition their body to withstand summer heats. Pools and swimming adventures are great deals to have relief from the summer heat.

Shaded place. Keep their special place in the house away from direct sunlight and heat.

Plenty of water to drink. Always check their water bowl and fill clean, fresh often.

Our pets, generally dogs and cats have a certain natural way on how to deal with varied weather conditions. They do not cool nor warmth the way we humans do.  Shaving their furs and hairs do not basically improve temperature cooling down and in some instances can expose them to other health risks. Consulting and seeking the advice of your Vets would prove beneficial before trimming off their covers. We humans can cool off easily but not our pets. They will always be at our mercy for proper care in keeping them cool on hot summer days and warm on cold winter nights.


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Pamper Your Pets on National Dog Day!


For most of us, our pets are our loyal savior and life saver. Our pets help us in controlling and managing our stress, anxiety and depression. In some ways it help us manage our own health issues too like lowering of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, improve blood circulation due to the activities done by our pets making our bodies have the needed body exercises and movements. They serve us as our constant companion and personal entertainer. They help and share in our daily activities like entertaining our children and guests while we do about our regular routines.  They help safeguard our household against outside threats. They are simply an important part of our lives as we are important to them in raising and taking good care of them. Remembering and giving them some pampering even for a day is but just a great consolation to their great effort and the many beneficial services they have been giving us. A great idea to treat them was making them feel pretty, healthy and great.

Taking them to a place where they can feel great pampering and relaxation is just about the brightest treat we can give them. A pet spa is a wonderful place for them to unwind.  Some of the services a pet spa for dog, cat and ferret offers are the following:

  • Full body grooming
  • Nutrition consultation
  • luxury massage such as reiki healing and other types of pet healing massage
  • Bath services with coat brushing, shampoo, dematting, nail trimming, ears cleaning and plucking
  • Special thalassotherapy mud bath
  • Facials like blueberry facials, etc.
  • Nail clipping and painting
  • Emulsifying & exfoliating skin and hair treatments.
  • Moisturizing & Conditioning skin and hair treatments.
  • Day spa, lodging, training, daycare (if applicable)


Services can be offered within the spa salon, by appointment or home service treatments. Cost of each services varies per breed, weight, location and appointment but published rates range from $30 to as much as over $100. Some prices depend upon the completion of the treatment and services done.

  • The final price of your pet’s grooming services will depend upon breed type, length of visit, approximate weight, and behavior during the treatment but final price can only be determined after the completion of services.


Experience the ultimate grooming and pampering experience in a spa made especially for our pets. They deserve it since it will only be on occasion they can experience it. While we experience their life lasting services to us making us laugh, smile, relieving our tension and stresses, anxiety and depression. We may not notice it, but our pets gradually heals us and brought us back to health. Just seeing their funny faces, experience their funny ways and moves, our adorable pets are our personal entertainer and magical healer. It is but just fitting to give them something in return like a needed relaxation and pampering even just for a day.  And what fitting day it would be than a holiday treat on this National Dog Day!



Healthy Food Treats for your dogs? Try MILKOTEIN from PARASPETS. Its not only healthy and long lasting it has the highest level of protein to make your dogs lean and fit.


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