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Fox Terrier Sky Rules at the 2014 Philly National Dog Show

national dog show3

[photo grab from nationaldogshow]

Sky, a 4-year old bitch wire fox terrier bags the top prize for second year in a row at the Philadelphia National Dog Show besting 1,500 kennels who participated in the event last Sunday, November 16, 2014. The event took place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. Sky was owned by Torie Steele of Malibu, California and Victor Malzoni of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Sky was handled by Gabriel Rangel of Rialto, California during the event. Steele also owned Eira, also a wire fox terrier who won last year’s same event.

national dog show2

[photo grab from zap2it]

A natural dog show, Sky wowed the judges and the audience with her keen expression and natural dense wiry coat. Sky also possess the most amazing head look and a well balanced short body. Her handler let her show herself naturally.

Sky was tops in the terrier breed group and number four on all-breed in the show.

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White House K-9 Officers: The President’s First Line of Defense

Secret Service officers in the White House. Image courtesy of Metropets.

The US Secret Service has been tasked with the vital duty of protecting the US President, his immediate family and the White House.

But, lately, we’ve been reading news about the White House perimeters being pursued and infiltrated by curious and militant fence jumpers in an attempt to have a closer distance with one of the most secured facilities in the world, the White House.  In order to augment the line of defence in the White House, another important unit of the police security force were being utilized to handle a very vital duty in the aspect of safeguarding the premises of this highly secured place.  Get to know more about these dedicated officers that aim to ultimately protect the life of the US President, his family, his official office and residence.

K-9 officer detail of the President.

The US Secret Service were tasked to look after the safety of the United States President and the first family. Included in the department’s roster of the White House tough security detail were not just valiant men from the department but K-9 officers trained to subdue intruders. Below are some of the qualities of these chosen security detail for the President of the United States, his immediate family and the White House.

White House K-9 officers Hurricane and Jordan. Image courtesy of Abcnews

Mission and duties.

These bomb sniffing White House police K-9 officers which numbers around 75 dogs have undergone 20 weeks of training each in a 500-acre Secret Service facility in Laurel, Maryland. Their prime mission was to provide skilled and specialized explosives detection support on the protective efforts carried out by the men and women of the White House assigned US Secret Service protectees.

Breeds and specifics.

Since its establishment in 1977, the US Secret Service K-9 unit’s choice of breed does not point out to a single or specific breed but these canines are chosen based on their capabilities and sustainability to handle the tough job. Among those regularly chosen were full grown young adult Belgian Malinois, Dutch and German Shepherds. Puppies and rescued dogs are not accepted in the unit. The US Secret Service K-9 unit are obtained through an undisclosed professional breeding program outside of the US. The K-9 secret service unit of the President was fully funded by the federal government.

Public safety precaution.

As these canines are highly trained and focused on their assigned duties, the public are given instructions and awareness not to approach or obstruct them at all times. These canines are dedicated on their roles and missions and never should be distracted or patted in any part of their body at any time even if one is a well-intended animal and dog lover. They simply are not accustomed to such and are just simply doing their vital duty and job.



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Cadaver Dogs: The Sherlock Bones of the K-9 Police


The powerful sense of smell.  

One of the dog’s natural trait is its astounding sense of smell. In fact, a dog’s sense of smell is 100 times accurate and stronger than any human.  Thus, there is a particular classification of working dogs whose noses and their keen sense of smell have been developed to do an important role in crime forensics.  These dogs are called cadaver dogs. A cadaver dog is a classification of a search and rescue canine who are further categorized as ‘airscenting’ or trailing dogs.

Cadaver dogs are specially trained canines to trace and follow the scent of a decomposing human flesh.  Although their task was not a pretty thing to do and not the ordinary canine task of search and rescue, their job was vital not only to the families of a crime’s victims but pretty much helpful to the justice system that need a body to prove a crime. These dogs deal on the detection of scent of decomposing bodies above the soil and ground.  The same principle in a canine’s search and knowhow of where he last buried his bone.

Breed and training.

Although breed is not a factor for being a cadaver dog, but a well-built dog is needed to endure long hours of search and trailing. Training for a cadaver dog starts at the age range from 9 to 18 months. Training can take up from 4 to 18 months to complete allowing the dog to properly mature and develop their aptitude and skills in their sense of smell.  Aside from searching and locating cadavers on crime related assignments, they are also trained on various types of assignments such as disaster response and rescue.

Smell and Fetch!

It is said that the task of a cadaver dog can be the biggest challenge in a forensic investigation. Finding a corpse that may have been hidden on piles of dirt, soil and other rubbles is always a difficult place to be especially for humans. But canines whose role was to seek for the scent of a decomposing body the task was just an ordinary play of seeking an object given some point of scent their handler would give them to seek about. It is basically an ordinary game of ‘Fetch!’ to them no matter how stinky the object of the game was.  In order to give due credits to a few of these cadaver dogs whose immense contribution in bringing and finding justice to the bodies they’ve found. In human remains detection, a canine’s nose knows best and can be relied upon in helping solve forensic cases.


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Doga: Achieving Harmonic Partnership Between Human and Canine


Yoga + Dog = Doga

Doga is a form of yoga that allow you to practice yoga with your dog doing acts of meditation, gentle massage and relaxing stretches.

The activity has proven significant benefits both on people and with their canine pets. Below are the list of some of its beneficial values:

Improves the bond between human and canines.

  • Pet owners doing yoga with their dogs get to bond and build trust with their dogs in
  • an unusual way.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression on both people and animal.
  • Improves the dog’s temperament and moods becoming calmer and sober making them easy to manage especially during obedience training.
  • The exercise could make your pet feel relaxed and happy while reducing pain and helping the body recover and heal after an injury.
  • Doga is an excellent way for dogs and their owners to have fun, bond and enjoy together.
  • Improved all around wellness.
  • Manage chronic health condition.
  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Doga can help calm down distressed and anxious dogs.
  • Doga stretches can help increase mobility and decrease stiffness in dogs with joint problems
  • Doga sessions can provide great socialization for dogs helping shy ones doggies come out of their shell.

Doga just like the regular Yoga exercise is a great way to letting everything go and attaining inner peace and toning your body balance with your spirit and soulful selves. The activity might just be the one you and your dog need to achieve that harmony needed living together with your best buddy in this world. So, why not spend Doga time together?


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Hero Dogs: Are they born or trained?

Every now and then we hear and read about stories of dogs’ bravery and other heroic feats. History reveals a long list of hero dogs that not only inspired us but also warmed our hearts and spirits.  Who could forget the bravery and sacrifices made by a Soviet street dog named ‘Laika,’ the first space dog who led humanity in its quest for space exploration?

There’s Hatchiko, the loyal dog in Japan who patiently waits for his master’s return for 9 years only to find out in the end the master he’s been waiting for was long gone and dead.  Day in and out, Hatchiko waited without fail at the Shibuya Train Station for his master who will never return back without him knowing about it.

Then there is the story of Wanghya in India.  A dog by the Shivaji Maharaja that during the cremation of his master’s dead body, jumped into the burning flames and joined his master for eternity. A memorial in his honor stands at Raigad Fort in India.

Recently, in the Philippines you’ve heard about the heroic story of the dog named ‘Kabang’ who sacrificed being hit by a motorcycle just to be able to save the kids of his master from being hit by it. Kabang suffered major face deformities, losing half of his face due to the vehicular accident. Yet, he lives to endure everything.

Many of our dogs’ heroic feats have been featured and immortalized in various films and history books.  Just recently we’ve read and seen the survival and every day battle for life of Oakley, a Labrador pup born in 2013 without an anus. A life long ordeal she need to battle from the moment she was born.

Our dogs are smart and capable like us humans to endure life’s challenges and ordeals. We normally see them just wagging their tails and barking at us. But in reality they are actually telling us and expressing things of endearment to us. We just normally take them as their regular dog traits.

Dogs are born valiant warriors. Dogs look up on us as their masters and leaders. Teach them tricks and train them to do things to protect us, they would certainly be obliged to do it wholeheartedly.

Dogs are born to sustain and survive. Without us knowing about what they are born with be it something born out of their genes or through some faulty works of science, dogs are likely to endure the consequence no matter what. Even if it mean limping all their lives through pain and sufferings.  We may not notice it but those dogs who are groomed by cutting off their tails as a form of grooming certainly are hurting them. Remember that they are really born with tails. And altering their genetic features though ‘painless’ as it may seem would only make them feel or endure as if they are incomplete and feel the difference as they come to face other dogs of their specie.  We really have no idea exactly how they feel inside. But we can somehow sense from the way they live through their lives.

Dogs are born brave and loyal. Even without training them how to act and do courageous tricks. Dogs can show exemplary braveness and loyalty once events and conditions warrant it and as their master, you must be lucky to have them as your companion.

So if you have this notion to train and teach your dogs to be a hero. Go ahead, train them. For they are welcome to such ideas and for sure they will be delighted to in your honor and to show to you how they truly love you. For by nature, dogs are born heroes especially for you.


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A Glimpse into the Ordeals of Home Alone Dogs


Boredom, stress and loneliness are the things that seeps into our buddies when you click and lock that door leaving them all alone in the house.  It is a cue to them that whenever the door shuts, a member of their pack leaves. We are his pack and team, thus leaving is not something they don’t really want. And to keep them occupied while they are all alone in the house, they sometimes do destructive things that make us panic and freak out once we get home.  And since chewing is somewhat an addiction to them, they tend to chew on everything and anything. But for many of us, this passion and fetish if it furthers and resulted to destruction and disorganization inside the house, make us panic and freak out. Training a dog to minimize and correct its chewing passion can be done with some patience and tactics thinking.  Here are a few tips on how to keep your buddies occupied while they are home alone inside the house and avoid their destructive behavior:

  • Tired after Exercise. Morning walks, exercise or play will make him lazy and retire on his own space. It would be very practical if you could bring along your dog in your morning running exercise, run or jog. You got to exercise while your dog gets to exercise too and he got to rest once you get home. Avoiding and distracting him from his fetish of chewing and gnawing destructively.
  • Sleep like a Couch Potato. Dogs are certified couch potatoes if they tend to sleep all throughout the day while you are out. Their lack of movements and exercise will make them grow unnecessary fat and flabs.
  • Chew Chew Exercise. Aside from being an inherent dog trait, a dog often gnaw and chew on things not only bones. Because chewing is a form of exercise especially in the dog’s jaw, mouth and teeth. And if he has nothing to chew to get him exercised, chewing on other alternative things compelled him to do so. And in order to avoid this, alternative chewing toys and playthings must kept him busy inside a lonely house.
  • Puzzles and toys. When going out is impossible, a few indoor and mental exercise will help him wear out and forget about chewing. Some of these mental exercises can be in the form of food puzzle toys where they will have to do efforts to retrieve something out of it like a Kong toy, a puzzle that works to be shaken to extract out its content. A bone like treat which was long lasting and will not break into splinters or sharp pieces. A ball or a strong toy they can wag on, nibble and paw unto and keep them busy all throughout.
  • Petting and talking. They enjoy every bit of your touch your caress and every time you talk on them. Making and assuring them feel loved and cared for.
  • Your presence talking and playing with them will still be the best of all his playthings and allotting a certain time with them will help and ease about their loneliness. You are still the cure and treatment for his loneliness, the way our buddies also treat our stress and loneliness.

Remember that, our dog buddies are our constant companion and that the moment we let them into our homes made them think they are home with their pack, their team, their own family. Thus they deserve all the attention like our little kids and children.

The Importance of Behavior Background Check for Adopted Dogs


When thinking about adopting a dog, the dog’s historical and temperament background are essential. Although a dog’s temper are normally inherited or hereditary, a dog coming from the shelter who must have been rehomed on several occasion might have collected a few attitude, tempers, habits as well as behavioral episodes from past owners that needed to be taken into consideration when doing your background check if you plan to adopt a dog and before collecting and taking the canine home. Most shelter dogs have experienced living with a past owner who must have been treated them unjustly or abused. And therefore, due care training and guidance might be needed further on them.  This is the very reason why they need a caring home, to enable them to feel the love and care they were neglected from their previous homes and recover from their sad and unwanted experience.

It is wise to check with the shelter staff its historical past mainly due to the following reasons:

  • A dog’s historical past serves as a caution for owners and handlers to act accordingly and guide them on how to treat, train and care for the canine. If a dog are high risk tempers, it might not be suitable to live with you especially with children and little ones who has less knowledge and training on how to handle them.
  • Once a dog’s background was known, administering the treatment and training could be done accordingly.
  • A dog’s historical past will pave the way on how a pet parent will guide and how much amount of tender, loving care the dog needs.


Giving a home to a dog who need it most is not only a noble act for these dogs are the ones worthy to be cared and treated for with proper training and guidance.  This is what dog parenting is really all about. Going through a dog’s struggles and treating him off with these struggles will not only make him well and happy but you are definitely raising one fine dog since it will be your art of dog parenting, your trait and your personality that will reside in the dog once they recover from an unwanted past. And this good trait will not only radiate on you, your dog but to the members of your household who helped in treating and caring for the dog.  An unwanted dog are the most loyal animal and are certainly capable of giving their unconditional love to their doting parents and caregivers. To many pet parents of adopted dogs, parenting them is not only something out of passion but out of noble responsibility not only on the canine but on showing to many how it is to give responsible parenting to a dog neglected, abused and unwanted by some irresponsible dog parents.


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The unfortunate death of a bubbly girl and her pet dog.

lexi-mulan1 lexi-mulan2

A pet dog so wanted by a bright and bubbly little girl.

Lexi Branson was a four year old bubbly little girl from Leicestershire, England who loves to cuddle her new pet white and brindle Aylestone bulldog Mulan.  Ms Hudson described Mulan as very gentle and shows no aggression towards Lexi.

A dog not suited to a family with small children.

When Jodi Hudson sees the advertised dog on the Willow Tree Kennels, a dog rehoming kennels at Barrow-on-Soar, Leicestershire, all she ever wanted was to make Lexi enjoy and be happy about the pet. She then showed Lexi the dog on the kennels’ place. The staff of the kennel shop had noted that the dog might not be suited for a Family with small children.  But the dog was placid and Lexi seem to like her a lot and keep on stroking her repeatedly. And although Ms Hudson took some time on thoughts. When she returned to the kennels’ she paid £50 to take her home.

The Unheard Warning.

The dog was advertised by Willow Tree Kennels, a dog rehoming Kennels at Barrow-on-Soar, Leicestershire and described it as a dog suited to a home without young children due to its size yet staff described the dog’s temperament as “very friendly. Mulan was brought by Lexi’s mother, Jodi Hudson for £50. But little did she doesn’t know that the dog’s last owner had complained, the dog had attached other dog in their garden and that this owner was also concerned for the safety of his children. So as to be removed from that owner immediately, this last owner tried lying and told the council warden that the dog was a stray. This event should have been properly noted, recorded and known about this animal which could serve as a warning and will aid in the proper information, training and caring for this dog.

The tragic sudden attack.

On September 5, Lexi was off from school because she was not feeling continue well and watching TV. The dog just went up over Lexi and attack her getting straight to her throat.  And although Ms Hudson had tapped the dog’s bum and Sid, ‘No!’ she continued getting through Lexi’s throat and around her mouth. Ms Hudson, upon seeing her struggling daughter desperately tried to pull off the dog from her trying all means possible.  Her screams alerted a neighbor who tried pulling off the dog with a rolled blanket but to no avail. Ms. Hudson then ran over to the kitchen and got hold of the largest knife she saw and went back to the dog repeatedly stabbing it to death with the kitchen knife. She managed to snatch Lexi off outside and began CPR when paramedics and rescuers came shortly.  Lexi has been managed to be airlifted to the Queen’s Medical Centre but died later due to severe facial injuries and suffocation.

A lesson learned.

Adopting a pet, not only dogs have some pros and cons. But it is very vital and important that everything must be accounted for on the past and present situation of the pet for adoption. Every pet owner past and present must account for the animal’s behavior as an aid to properly address and train an animal who rely greatly on care, understanding and proper training on his masters. All of us, humans or not undergo a certain degree of mental and psychological history brought by several circumstances controllable and uncontrollable that information from the past serve as the crucial link for the cure and in seeking for the right treatment. Animal behavior varies not only by its species and breed but most significantly from a prior experience and abuse. We all react based on a given stimuli and the outcome, unfortunate it may seem can sometimes lead to a tragic end and lost lives – human or not.

Source:  BBC News, Huffington Post, Mirror

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How to Teach Loyalty to Your Dogs

Dogs are the most loyal animal on the planet.  But why are they so loyal? A dog’s loyalty can be harnessed for the benefit of us human companion. Their loyalty can help us human with companionship and help alleviate our depression, stress and anxiety. In order to teach loyalty to your canine companion, you must know a few things about them that will help you in teaching them to stay and cling to you.

Dogs hate isolation. Dogs by nature are pack animals. They live together in a cluster or pack. Isolation could only make them unruly, destructive and frustrated.

Introduce His Assigned Place. Introduce him to his assigned place by getting him used to it and making it a special place that will keep him stuck on it. A cozy and comfortable place with something to warm him on cold nights and seasons.  A leash will only be needed on occasions when he was not yet accustomed to his place making him wander around.

Give rewards and treats. Add a few treats like a favorite stuff toy or dog bite to accommodate his small bite cravings. Train and make him learn a few place commands to make him accustomed to his place.
Commands like: ‘Sit, Stay and Lay’ are effective place commands to help him conquer his place. Nutritious and yummy dog treats like Milkotein™ will definitely play a great role in helping your dog’s appreciate you more as his master.

The Power of Command. Your command is a powerful guide and rule that only your dog will ever obey. Teaching him commands that will primarily benefit, protect and assist you. Often, a dog’s behavior was a reflection of how his master have trained and treated him.

Affection and Care.  Dogs have the capacity to reciprocate the care and affection you have given him. A few of his mannerisms that signify their affection towards you can be seen on some of his following body languages:

  • Wagging his tail upon hearing his name. This signify recognition that you are his dear friend and close to him;
  • High Five Paws happens usually as a casual agreement to what your canine companion has done excellently as he await for a reward or treat.
  • Licking. When your dog licks you, he means appreciation for what you have given or did to him.
  • Sticking his head in between your legs. Usually try to mean getting your attention and trying to tell his submission to you as his master.
  • Pick on your things. If your dog likes to pick up your shoes, slippers, socks and other personal belongings. Stealing your things is one of the most favorite things your dog would love to do on you. But not to be alarmed since they usually get those things you are using to steal some attention and play around. Probably, because you get to use them more than play with them. But this habit of your dog can be turned into an advantage if you combine it with a ‘Get’ command.

In order for them to behave accordingly, teach commands and train them appropriately. Dogs are capable of learning and solving problems, difficulties and obstacles. Their traits and capacities are often recognized nowadays when we read and hear about their deeds as a K-9 officer in a police team or a Soldier of War dogs who has been into battles elsewhere around the world. And dogs have been an inseparable companion to many disable, elders, sick and other people with disabilities. They were also a great pack leader to herds and other animals even larger than their built.

But every dog’s loyalty was best exemplified and fostered if the master he serves have lived and led him through the right path of affection and love. For dogs are like their own master. He obeys, mimic and follow only commands from someone who has given him love, affection and care. And he would be oblige to reciprocate it not only with his loyalty, effort and time but in many instances even with his own life.

More of this article HERE.


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