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Help, My Dog Can’t Hear!

A silent disability.

Deafness in dogs can generally be accounted due to genetic defects (congenital) or it can also be acquired due to trauma, accident, disease or old age. It can either be partial or complete hearing loss which could affect a single or both ears of the dog. Although breed is not a factor when it comes to the nature of disability, some breeds according to some veterinary medical articles are common to less pigmented dogs such as dogs with albinism condition or some commonly known white dog breeds like Dalmatians, Boxers, Maltese, toy and miniature poodles, Boston terrier, Australian shepherd, German shepherd, Jack Russell terrier, West Highland White terrier, Dachshunds, Collies and Cocker Spaniel.

Senior dogs are the most prone and likely to endure deafness during their old age. In some cases, deafness on dogs can be accompanied by other conditions such as low vision, partial or absolute blindness. Here are some insights and information why deaf dogs are equally capable as other abled dogs

Dogs are born deaf.

All dogs are effectively deaf when born because only after a few weeks that their ears would open. Through time, they will be able to develop their natural instinct on reacting to movements around them using their keen sense of smell and later on once their ears open, the hearing advantage follows.

Deaf and mute is not the case for dogs.

It is a myth and there is no truth that if a dog is deaf, it doesn’t bark and although there are certain breed of dogs that are sometimes called ‘barkless’ dogs They still bark, yodel or yelp because most dogs bark by their strong sense of instinct and their extra ordinary sense of smell reacting and sensing on movements around them and not necessarily through hearing.  And although they don’t have a complex system of communication like us humans where most of us are equipped with all five senses.  Dogs have a phenomenal sense of smell as much as 100 times better than us humans.

Right training.

Training a deaf puppy might be a little challenge using the right technique but it is not that unusual and impossible. Since deaf dogs have that generally the same phenomenal sense of smell dgets with that of the regular hearing dogs. It will just be a matter of knowing the right training and use of the right deaf dog signs could prove and enhance their ability and adaptability both on dogs born with hearing incapacity and those dogs who lost their sense of hearing over their lifetime. Remember that they only lost hearing of your voice but not their keen sense of seeing, excellent smell, instinct, obedience and adherence to your partnership remains. Aside from training a deaf dog through a professional deaf dog trainer, the treat reward system plays a vital role in training a deaf dog the correct way for enhancing his learning abilities. For nutritious dog treats, MILKOTEIN Wonder Bites will help in the reward system based training for your beloved deaf dogs. With MILKOTEIN’s highest level of protein of an all-natural dog treat. MILKOTEIN is ideal for the growing bodies of your pets to keep them lean and fit.


In today’s modern world, gadgets and accessories that are enhanced with electronics and technological automation comes in handy also for especially handicapped pets like dogs with hearing incapacities. Some of these gadgets include vibration collars, laser pointers, etc. helps in catching their attention. But

Some of these gadgets include vibration collars, laser pointers and others that help in catching their attention. But do not be fooled by the notion that these gadgets will do all the tricks for you. Your constant pet parenting attention and training will still be required as guidance. Your dog’s adaptability to these gadgets still matters most. If it creates disadvantages instead of positive effects, discontinuance and switching to other training ideas can always be an option.

A loud cry for help and LOVE.

Caring and adopting a deaf dog maybe a bit different from those dogs who are able to hear.  But deaf dogs are absolutely and equally capable and able dogs. Through awareness and education and the right training, deaf dogs are capable of giving someone who are on the need for a true life companionship. Remember that they only lost hearing of your voice but not their keen sense of smell, excellent instinct, obedience, loyalty and their unconditional love for you which matters the most. A deaf dog may not be able to hear your voice but it definitely can see you through their loving eyes, smells and sniff your scent of companionship and hears you through their throbbing heart. Can you not hear their loud cry for help? Theirs was a world of silence, a world of empty noise but their affection, loyalty and obedience can be loudly felt with their greatest cry of LOVE. All it takes was just a pat, a hug and a HEART SHAPE hand signal from you!


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Hero Dogs: Are they born or trained?

Every now and then we hear and read about stories of dogs’ bravery and other heroic feats. History reveals a long list of hero dogs that not only inspired us but also warmed our hearts and spirits.  Who could forget the bravery and sacrifices made by a Soviet street dog named ‘Laika,’ the first space dog who led humanity in its quest for space exploration?

There’s Hatchiko, the loyal dog in Japan who patiently waits for his master’s return for 9 years only to find out in the end the master he’s been waiting for was long gone and dead.  Day in and out, Hatchiko waited without fail at the Shibuya Train Station for his master who will never return back without him knowing about it.

Then there is the story of Wanghya in India.  A dog by the Shivaji Maharaja that during the cremation of his master’s dead body, jumped into the burning flames and joined his master for eternity. A memorial in his honor stands at Raigad Fort in India.

Recently, in the Philippines you’ve heard about the heroic story of the dog named ‘Kabang’ who sacrificed being hit by a motorcycle just to be able to save the kids of his master from being hit by it. Kabang suffered major face deformities, losing half of his face due to the vehicular accident. Yet, he lives to endure everything.

Many of our dogs’ heroic feats have been featured and immortalized in various films and history books.  Just recently we’ve read and seen the survival and every day battle for life of Oakley, a Labrador pup born in 2013 without an anus. A life long ordeal she need to battle from the moment she was born.

Our dogs are smart and capable like us humans to endure life’s challenges and ordeals. We normally see them just wagging their tails and barking at us. But in reality they are actually telling us and expressing things of endearment to us. We just normally take them as their regular dog traits.

Dogs are born valiant warriors. Dogs look up on us as their masters and leaders. Teach them tricks and train them to do things to protect us, they would certainly be obliged to do it wholeheartedly.

Dogs are born to sustain and survive. Without us knowing about what they are born with be it something born out of their genes or through some faulty works of science, dogs are likely to endure the consequence no matter what. Even if it mean limping all their lives through pain and sufferings.  We may not notice it but those dogs who are groomed by cutting off their tails as a form of grooming certainly are hurting them. Remember that they are really born with tails. And altering their genetic features though ‘painless’ as it may seem would only make them feel or endure as if they are incomplete and feel the difference as they come to face other dogs of their specie.  We really have no idea exactly how they feel inside. But we can somehow sense from the way they live through their lives.

Dogs are born brave and loyal. Even without training them how to act and do courageous tricks. Dogs can show exemplary braveness and loyalty once events and conditions warrant it and as their master, you must be lucky to have them as your companion.

So if you have this notion to train and teach your dogs to be a hero. Go ahead, train them. For they are welcome to such ideas and for sure they will be delighted to in your honor and to show to you how they truly love you. For by nature, dogs are born heroes especially for you.


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Why the Need for an All Natural Food Diet For Dogs?


Natural dog food diet or sometimes called raw or barf diet is the all-natural food diet for dogs that will not only boost your pets health but are more practical budget wise and environmentally. The digestive system of our pet dogs and cats are basically unlike us humans who are used in cooking all our food. Our pets’ natural system of digestion basically are meant for raw food, not cooked and processed ones. This is generally what is meant by raw food.  Their direct descendants, the grey wolves are hunters and carnivores who feasted on raw meat, plants and fruits. Since the invention of fire by pre historic humans, cooked food was introduced to the human diet as well as to the food prepared for their domesticated pets.

But natural is not necessarily organic and safe. Many has misconceptions about natural and organic and some even used them interchangeably. Natural food are food that solely came or produced from a plant, animal or mined sources. Whereas, organic food are food that are grown and raised without the use of pesticides, chemicals and other synthetic ingredients.

Just the same, feeding our pets with an all-natural or regular diet should be taken seriously for the food they will eat will generally affect their health and wellbeing. Below are some food items that are to be taken or fed to our pets in moderation and with caution:

Sugar. These does not only mean the sugar in our table but generally food that convert into simple sugar in the bloodstream like sugar beets, molasses, grains and dairy produce.  Like in humans, too much sugar can lead to some serious health issues like diabetes.

Alcohol. The effects of alcohol to the human body as well as with the dogs are the same. It can therefore lead to damages of the liver, heart, brain and other vital parts.

Onions and Garlic. In all forms be it cooked, raw, powdered or dried can cause anemia.

Caffeine. All caffeined food like, coffee, tea and other caffeine based beverages can cause restlessness, rapid breathing and heart palpitations that could be fatal. No antidote was known to cure for dogs once ingested.

Grapes and raisins. These bunches are risky and can cause kidney failure to dogs.

Macadamia Nuts. The nut can cause paralysis of the dog’s hindquarters and is poisonous to dogs.

Gluten. Avoiding yeast and grains like whole wheat and corn can reduce skin irritations and allergies. Carbohydrates from grains are not needed since dogs get much of their energy from fats and protein.

Chemicals and additives. On reading with food labels, if you are not familiar or if ingredients cannot be read or pronounced never compromise buying it for your dog. Although it is always wise to research about it or consult your Vet before giving it to your pets. Go for natural preservatives like vitamin C, E or rosemary extract, and lime for they are known antioxidants.

Fats and Oils. Although these are food enhancers to the dog as well as helping the body in absorbing fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, fats and oils help maintain your dog’s quality healthy and shiny coats.  But not all fats and oils are advantageous to your dog’s health. A balance of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are of best benefit. Omega 3 fats from fish oils, flaxseed and canola seeds. Omega 6 fats from pork, chicken, safflower and sunflower oils.

Avocado, Persimon, Peach and Plum. The substance called Persin found in the avocado fruit can be toxic in large amount to dogs.  The seeds can cause obstruction on the dog’s small intestinal canal. These fruits also contain dose of cyanide that can be tolerable in relation to a human body weight but lethal to animals like dogs and cats.

Raw Eggs. Regular and long-time feeding of raw egg can skin problem and to your dog’s coat.

Xylitol. A sweetening ingredient found in candies and gums. Can cause blood sugar to drop and eventually causes liver failure.

Theobromine. This substance in most kinds of chocolates including baking chocolate can cause abnormal heart beating, seizure and death.

Some caregivers prefer the all-natural diet for dogs due to their overall performance in the dog’s general health, strong immunity and combat against illness and diseases. But whether you are feeding and preparing natural or special diets for your pets, it is best to be always on the lookout for safety especially when buying by carefully looking and reading at the labels as well as choosing the freshest and the healthiest food available for them.


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Felicity, the Puppy Cruelly Branded with Profanity


WARNING: profanity in still images.

Felicity, a 7-month old pit bull mix was a victim of a strange animal cruelty. She was taken in last month when the Lexington Humane Society found her tied to a fence on Campbell Street in Lexington, Kentucky with a profane word branded unto her body that chemically burned her fur and skin. Based on the society’s assessment and development manager Ashley Hammond, the pup seems to be pretty forgiving after the cruel ordeal and trauma that she has undergone physically and that she might not suffer emotionally.  The society has decided to let the pup undergo a cosmetic surgery to at least hide the nasty profane word that branded Felicity. Felicity is now under recovery.

People who have seen Felicity were outraged by the cruel acts done to the poor animal. “There was an attempt to make a word on the canine,” said Lt. Lee Agee, with Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control.  The case as still being investigated and no leads so far as of press time. For now, Felicity is in home with Lexington Humane Society. A fund was earmarked coming from the donation of the people who have seen the plight of Felicity and a reward was up to $3,500.00 to find the dog’s abuser.


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MILKOTEIN is a yummy long lasting dog treat with the highest level of protein great for growing bodies of your pets to keep them lean and fit. MILKOTEIN Dog Chews & Wonder Bites are made and distributed by PARASPETS LLC.

Essentials on Shaving Pets During Summer


The heat is on!

And people are exploring ways to cool and somehow reduce the heat around. Most will head off to the beach to cool down, others would strip off into less clothes and body coverings and enjoyed showing off their skin for a tone. While some enjoy trimming off hair on their heads and go bald and blunt. People will do whatever they wish to do just to get some relief from the burning feeling of the summer heat. And since people are often times accompanied by their pets on getting some summer fun, the thought of shaving their furs and hairs can make them thought it would also be better for their pets to groom for summer and shave off to show some skin too. But hold onto that shavers and scissors tight! There are certain risks that you might just want to know about getting those hair that covers their body off them. Read on and be informed:

Double coats. Dogs and cats normally have double coats of hair and fur. This was their genetic design. These coats help them to cope with varied weather conditions.

Regular grooming. For breeds with natural thick coats, regular grooming could help them cope and regulate varied temperatures.

No close skin shaved. Leaving some allowance of short hair on their body can help them still shield on the attacks of various skin diseases like sunburn, dirt and allergies. Get a professional pet hair groomer to do this task to avoid overly doing the clipping and avoid hurting your pets.

Careful with clippers. They not only have sharp edges but improper use could only lead to some unwanted accidents.

Regular coat brushing. Though many may thought brushing their pets’ coat was a way to groom them, brushing will keep their coats shiny and tangle free. Regular coat brushing is also a healthy way to massage their skin and keep their body and skin healthy and clean avoiding skin diseases brought about by dirty and embedded dust and dirt where bacteria could thrive. Coat brushing also keeps free flowing air easily into their body refreshing and cooling them leisurely.

Regular bathing. The best way to cool our pets during hot summer season was to have a daily regular bath. This will condition their body to withstand summer heats. Pools and swimming adventures are great deals to have relief from the summer heat.

Shaded place. Keep their special place in the house away from direct sunlight and heat.

Plenty of water to drink. Always check their water bowl and fill clean, fresh often.

Our pets, generally dogs and cats have a certain natural way on how to deal with varied weather conditions. They do not cool nor warmth the way we humans do.  Shaving their furs and hairs do not basically improve temperature cooling down and in some instances can expose them to other health risks. Consulting and seeking the advice of your Vets would prove beneficial before trimming off their covers. We humans can cool off easily but not our pets. They will always be at our mercy for proper care in keeping them cool on hot summer days and warm on cold winter nights.


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Mr Amazing Experienced the Glitz and Glam of Being a Celebrity Pooch

paris-mr-amazing1 paris-mr-amazing2paris-mr-amazing3

[photo grab from the DailyMail]

Mr Amazing, the 4 ½ month old tiny Pomeranian puppy was Paris Hilton’s newest expensive toy dog and has been roaming around Los Angeles with his glitzy doting mum. The snow white pooch was cuddled by his wealthy mom around Beverly Hills Wednesday, Sept. 17. Paris was reportedly bought her new pricey toy dog for a whopping $13,000 from a seller named Joanne Pauze of a Canadian Calgary breeder Betty Pedram of Betty’s Teacup Yorkies who shipped orders from their South Korean based dealer.  The miniature pooch was really quite cute and adorable with its 2 ½ inch back and stands at 1 ½ inch tall. The photo posted last Sept. 5 by the breeder in her Facebook page showed that the pooch was only the size in length of a pair of sunglasses. Mr Amazing would weigh only up to 2 pounds in his full grown age. Mr Amazing now joins Paris’ other pets such as another Pooch named Peter Pan and Princess Piglette, a pig.  Paris was reported to have bought Mr Amazing a new crib and some Champagne chew toys. Paris fell immediately with Mr Amazing and wanted another one soon.  But wanted an extreme one she told Joanne.  Aside from Paris, among other celebrity customers of this Calgary based breeder was Canada’s famous actor, Ryan Gosling.


The former hotel heiress dressed in a comfy floral summer dress with all her priced accessories such as her quilted Chanel shoulder chained bag and her shimmering car as she flashed out a sweet pose smile with her pet while reporters try to capture moments with her new dog.  She was even seen on a video tickling her new pet inside her car while still sitting behind the wheels.

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MILKOTEIN is a yummy long lasting dog treat with the highest level of protein great for growing bodies of your pets and keep them lean and fit. MILKOTEIN Dog Chews & Wonder Bites are made and distributed by PARASPETS LLC.

City of Los Angeles to fine Dog Owners for Walking Dogs without Leashes


Attention dog owners in the Los Angeles area, L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz said, “The city just needs a little clout,” referring to regulating one of the most frequent complaints by the citizens of Los Angeles aside from urinating in public and garbage dumping on public places. A pilot program for the Administrative Citation Enforcement, it will give the L.A. police and the Department of Animal Services a new enforcement tool to impose fines that bypasses the nities of the court system. Currently officers can only give warnings or launch a criminal misdemeanor case for violators who commit these petty crimes. But enforcement is difficult since officers are reluctant to file a case said Councilman Koretz.

Under the program, initial violators will be fined with $100, succeeding offenses will rose to $250, $500, $1,000 and so on.  But officers have the option to issue a warning, the penalty and/or file a related case. Other offenses included in the program are: drinking alcohol in public, smoking in prohibited areas and using fireworks.  The program was said to generate around $1.59 million for the city fund once Mayor Eric Garcetti approved and signed its implementation.


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Healthy Dog Treats???

MILKOTEIN is a yummy long lasting dog treat with the highest level of protein great for growing bodies of your pets and keep them lean and fit. MILKOTEIN Dog Chews & Wonder Bites are made and distributed by PARASPETS LLC.

Gulluk’s Voyage to Nowhere: A Puzzle Everyone Awaits


Gulluk, an 11 year old 30 kg black, grey and white Labrador husky was born to survive even the worst cold weather condition and was a trained sled dog. He belong to a unique rare breed of emblematic cross breed of Labrador with the wolves who now has as few as 60 to 70 in number remaining alive all over the world.  Owned by Dan and Donna Bowden, the dog have broader chest, stockier legs, enormous paws and massive head.  Labrador huskies are a working breed who are trained to run on vast snow fields and terrains, Gulluk loves to run and so he did.  On March 26 while snow wind howls at 145 kms/hr he leaped out the fence of the Bowdens and started his runaway journey and initially wandering around St. Margaret’s Bay where the Bowdens and their neighbors rally around luring him with everything from roasts chicken, turkey, steak, bacon and everything they could think of.

Gulluk came to the Bowden’s home when the couple was still in grief from the death of Gulluk’s older brother Jack, who died from a massive heart attack on the night of Jan. 31, Donna’s birthday. Jack was a sled dog given to them by Scott Hudson who also gave them Gulluk when Jack died. When Gulluk came to them, he initially went straight to the fridge and lay down the floor as if sniffing the scent of his brother who was has once lied in the same spot dead. Brothers Jack and Gulluk even appeared together before when they are both living on the TV series Survivorman in the episode entitled: Labrador.


It might be that Gulluk wandered somewhere looking for his long lost brother Jack or maybe he has gone to the rest of his own pack and breed somewhere in the vast snowy terrains.  The search continue and the Bowdens although devastated by their loss was optimistic Gulluk would find his way home to his loving adopted parents.


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MILKOTEIN is a yummy long lasting dog treat with the highest level of protein great for growing bodies of your pets and keep them lean and fit. MILKOTEIN Dog Chews & Wonder Bites are made and distributed by PARASPETS LLC.

Man Published a Satirical Magazine on How Awful Dogs Are


In Germany where dogs are adored by millions of its citizen, there is a certain person whose passionate hatred about dogs corroborated with a few friend journalists who aimed to come up with a magazine about dogs’ undesirable traits and characteristics. Wuf Beleites, a 67 years old wiry chain smoker satirical writer was five when he had a nasty experience with a dog. He was nipped by his grandfather’s Spitz that sparked his dislike and anger to the canine animal breed ever since.  It was in 1992, when he requested a friend if he could fill up a blank trademark space in the newsletter his friend will publish for others to purchase. Beleites thought of the German phrase “Kot & Köter” which when translated would mean: “Poop & Pooches.” The unusual name caught the attention of a reporter for which an article was created out of it. Some local TV picked up the story making Beleites an instant celebrity as he outspokenly talked about his dislike about how awful dogs are, how they smell, shed, bark and bite. Show participants would often booed him for his opinions as he was paid for guesting stints to most of the shows. Beleites said the TV shows were just casting agents just looking for some good guy to pit by a bad guy. And after six years of pretending on shows, he got bored and vanished. Only to be back in July 2013 during the time where freelance journalism in Germany dwindled financially.  Along with some friends they successfully have crowdfunded the real publishing of Kot & Köter magazine raising around  €7,000 (about $9,060) from an online crowd funding site. The first paper copies of 1,000 was sold out and re printed another 1,750 copies more.

Beleites have been the subject and target of hate mails, angry phone calls and tongue lashings from dog lovers and supporters. But there is a funny thing about him that his wife Heidi had said about him: “The dogs always go to him,” she noticed as he sat on a chair in an outdoor restaurant, within minutes a large salivating dog came close near him.


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Healthy Dog Treats???

MILKOTEIN is a yummy long lasting dog treat with the highest level of protein great for growing bodies of your pets  and keep them lean and fit. MILKOTEIN Dog Chews & Wonder Bites are made and distributed by PARASPETS LLC.


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